August 31, 2020

#SCCPodcast Round 15, 2020

Marcus & Faz discuss this week's key topics: unique premiums for the run home, should we trade Gawn back in, and budget options including JPK, Cameron & Daniher!

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  • Unique premiums for the run home
  • @peter_wu97
    Hold or trade Luke Ryan if he misses this week? 6 trades left 1 upgrade in mid left

  • [PATREON] Shannon Swan
    If you are playing finals and want to jump to Gawn who should we dump out of Grundy/Nic Nat/Goldstein assuming everyone has 2 of those 3. Can you order them?

  • James Kropf
    Is JPK a good M8/M9? Has his return meant the end of Parker's elite scoring?

  • @andrewpmartini
    J Cameron v Dahlhaus v Daniher for a cheap F6 (or anyone else I missed), maybe compared to using Mosquito/Riccardi with E loophole (I haven't looked at remaining draw)

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