June 19, 2019

#SCCPodcast Round 14 Episode, 2019

Marcus & FBDonkey discuss this week's key topics: rookie downgrade options, bye-free premiums and trade strategy for week 3 of the byes.

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  • Rookie Downgrade Options: Ryan Gardner, Griffin Logue, Dylan Clarke, Patrick Naish, Nick Hind
  • Brodie Smith vs Marty Hore
  • Keep or Trade: Reilly O'Brien, Tom Rockliff
  • Trading strategy for week 3 of the byes
  • Value Options: Gray vs Murphy vs Franklin vs Brayshaw
  • Bye-free, Top-line Premiums: Neale vs Macrae vs Treloar, Dunkley vs Boak vs Walters
  • Captain's Corner

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