May 29, 2019

#SCCPodcast Round 11 Episode, 2019

Marcus & FBDonkey discuss this week's key topics: mid-season draft rookie prospects, rookie downgrade options including Hinge & Baker, and trading strategy for the bye rounds.

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  • AFL mid-season draft rookie prospects: Ryan Gardner, Cam Sutcliffe, Will Snelling, Michael Knoll, John Noble
  • Who to downgrade to this week?
    On-The-Bubble: Mitchell Hinge, Oskar Baker, Darcy Fort, Robert Young, Josh Begley, Harrison Petty
    Debutants: Brett Bewley, Callum Coleman-Jones, Peter Ladhams
  • Trading strategy for the bye rounds
  • Keep or Trade? Tom Rockliff & Brodie Smith
  • Is Josh Kelly a must-have?
  • Underrated/Overrated: Bachar Houli
  • Captain's Corner

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