March 16, 2020

Preseason 2020, Ep6. Rookies & Preseason Recap #SCCPodcast

Marcus & FBDonkey return for our TWELTH preseason of SuperCoach Coach podcasts!

In episode six of 2020, we finish the preseason shows with a thorough discussion of the rookie options and a recap of the preseason that has been.

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  • Rookies selected in mock teams:

    • D: J.Noble, L.Ash, B.Zerk-Thatcher, F.McAsey, B.Starcevich, J.Brander, B.Williams
    • M: M.Rowell, N.Anderson, C.Serong, T.Green, M.Pickett
    • R: C.Coleman-Jones, L.Jackson
    • F: B.Davis, I.Rankine, M.King, M.Georgiades, C.Taylor, K.Kropinyeri-Pickett
  • Rookies selected in >10% SuperCoach teams:

    • D: W.Gould, S.Hill, T.Rivers, H.Young, T.Bianco
    • M: C.Budarick, D.Robertson, N.McHenry, A.Bonar, S.Flanders
    • R: D.Cameron, C.Comben, T.Xerri
  • Other rookies:

    • T.Watson, B.Crocker, J.Sharp, T.Williamson, R.Collier-Dawkins
  • Rank these forwards:

    • D.MacPherson, A.Brayshaw, J.Steven, D.Smith

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